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Welcome to the website for the School to Succeed series.

From this website you can preview and purchase the two unique, laminated Manuals which make up the School to Succeed series.

• A Manual of Pole and Gridwork Exercises (Book 1)

• From Gridwork to the Show-Jumping Ring (Book 2)

Gridwork is a progressive training system which uses poles and fences set at pre-determined distances. Both manuals provide specific distances for horses, 148cm, 138cm and 128cm ponies.

Gridwork exercises will teach a horse to be:

• athletic – quick-thinking – accurate – confident

Gridwork exercises will improve a horse’s:

• rhythm – balance – reactions – style – technique

Gridwork will also benefit a rider enormously. Whether an experienced rider or a complete beginner, using gridwork exercises will provide the opportunity to practise style, position and balance while jumping a fence. A rider will quickly notice improvements in:

• confidence – sense of rhythm – reactions – the ability to judge distances

The two Manuals in the School to Succeed series are an essential guide to gridwork. They are unique in their design and make gridwork fun and easy to understand. They are the perfect companion for both the experienced rider looking for a structured training programme or a beginner wishing to develop their jumping skills.