I have recently purchased your 2 manuals and a tape measure. Your manuals are excellent – easy to understand and the most informative books I have come across.

Tessa, Isle of Wight.

Many thanks for the fantastic manuals and impressive overnight delivery. The manuals are an excellent reference tool for anyone looking for fresh exercises to structure and plan their coaching sessions. The educational value of the content surpasses any manual I have come across and I will be recommending them to friends and colleagues. Thank you also for the very handy pocket-sized distance cards and height conversion chart you included, these are a super idea.

Victoria Teuton, Horse Sport Ireland Coach, Northern Ireland.

These manuals are superb – just what I was looking for.

Laura Jackson, Ohio, USA.

I just wanted to say ‘congratulations’ on producing such excellent and informative manuals. I have been riding and training horses for 37 years and have read many books and articles on gridwork during that time. As riders, we always need to learn (and remind ourselves of) things in order to progress and I have never come across any publications that manage to cover the subject as comprehensively as yours do. Both beginners and experienced riders can benefit from them…and the laminated put-out pages are an inspired idea. Job well done!

Victoria Courtney, Shropshire.

I have just received your manuals – very good service as I only ordered them four days ago and they had to travel half way around the world! I am really looking forward to using them.

Robert B, New South Wales, Australia.

I have bought both of your manuals and they are fantastic!

Claire Taylor, Bristol.

Hi, I have received your books…wow. I am BHSII and taught and ridden almost all my life but without doubt these are the best reference books for jumping I have come across.

Janet Bradshaw BHSII, Cambridgeshire.

I bought your books to add variety to my training sessions and to give me ideas for different exercises. I have found them very informative, practical and easy to use. Both novice and experienced riders will find these books very, very useful. Highly recommended.

Lyn Hughes, Sussex.

Thought I must let you know how fantastic your books are. My husband purchased both books as a present along with the tape measure which is very useful. I have just bought a youngster to bring on and didn’t know where to start. I have had a good read of book 1 and have made a start using the exercises at the beginning of the book-wow. I am now finally beginning to understand polework and why it is so important. It is brilliant being able to take a page out with me to the menage and use it for a constructive session with my baby horse instead of trotting around in endless circles not knowing what to do! Book 2 will be useful next year, great material keep writing!!

A Edwards, Shropshire

I found your website by chance while trawling the internet, looking for information on grids as I am never quite sure how to set them out properly. My horse has some experience but I am already finding we are improving and our confidence is growing. I never really understood the purpose of grid work properly before, but having read Book 1 thoroughly I now feel so much more confident when I have a lesson as I now know how to deal with the poles! The laminated pages are great.

S.H. Manchester

I help my friend teaching her 2 children with ponies. I have bought both manuals from your website and find the individual distances given for different sized ponies really useful. Being able to take the pages outside is great!

Julia Newton, Staffs

I just wanted to let you know how much I like the manual of pole and gridwork exercises. This was just what I was looking for – lots of progressive exercises with clear diagrams and explanations. I especially like the descriptions of the different distances for horse and ponies of different sizes and why they are different from standard show-jumping distances; it all makes sense now! The format, with the waterproof, removable pages, is also great. Thank you very much.

-H. McG, Liverpool

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