Book 1

A Manual of Pole and Gridwork Exercises

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This Manual will benefit anyone wishing to improve their overall performance jumping fences and will help develop the full potential of both a horse and rider.

The Manual is easy to follow and is filled with exercises, information, explanations and tips.

It begins with simple pole exercises – which form an essential base to training, encouraging accuracy, lightness, flexibility and calmness in a horse.

It then moves through progressive stages of gridwork – a training method using poles and fences set at pre-determined distances.

For the horse – gridwork exercises will:

  • produce a knowledgeable, quick thinking horse
  • improve style and technique
  • encourage rhythm and calmness
  • improve athleticism and confidence

For the rider – gridwork exercises will:

  • build confidence
  • provide the opportunity to improve position, style and balance
  • quicken reactions
  • help develop the ability to judge distances

Every diagram details individual distances for Horses, 148cm (14.2hh), 138cm (13.2hh) and 128cm (12.2hh) ponies in both imperial and metric measurements.

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Book 1 - A Manual of Pole and Gridwork Exercises
Book 2 - From Gridwork to the Show-Jumping Ring