Book 2

From Gridwork to the Show-Jumping Ring

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This Manual will help anyone taking part in show-jumping competitions or wishing to practise show-jumping techniques. Training a horse to jump successfully should include polework, gridwork, individual fences and full courses using varied fillers and jumps.

The Manual is full of information, explanations and tips. It provides exercises to practise the many challenges set by a course builder, giving the opportunity for a horse/pony/rider partnership to improve and progress.

The Manual includes:

  • attending competitions
  • distances for schooling
  • walking and riding combinations and related distances
  • various exercises to improve performance and to help solve problems
  • useful layouts to practise riding a course

Every diagram details individual distances for Horses, 148cm (14.2hh), 138cm (13.2hh) and 128cm (12.2hh) ponies in both imperial and metric measurements.

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Book 1 - A Manual of Pole and Gridwork Exercises
Book 2 - From Gridwork to the Show-Jumping Ring